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Is it ok to redistribute artwork made with pictures from Material Tool and Stamp from Brush Tool?

Please notice the followings if you're thinking of redistributing artwork including pictures from Material Tools and stamp from Brush tool.
In this case, "redistribute" means not only distributing to others but also includes uploading to Online Gallery and social media, printing the artwork and giving it to others.

We prohibit the following about redistributing artwork including materials from Material tools and stamps from Brush tool.

  1. Use ibisPaint only just to get the materials or stamps and use other app for the other process and redistribute.
  2. Redistribute Materials and Stamp its self.
  3. Redistributing materials and stamps in their original form, or works that have only been processed, in a form that can be reused as materials.

If the above does not fall under the prohibition, you can, as an example, do the followings.

  • Redistribute whether it's commercial or non-commercial
  • Redistribute whether you use the other process with other app or software.
  • Redistribute with IB-CC etc. license of the Online Gallery settings.
  • Redistribution of materials and stamps from ibisPaint for use in covers and illustrations of fanzine and other publications

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