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Can't log in with my ibisAccount.

ibisAccount is an account that you can create with your email address.
In addition to using X (Twitter), Facebook, or Apple ID, you can also use this ibisAccount to log in on ibisPaint.

If you cannot log in with your ibisAccount, please check the following:

- If you have never logged in before, please try logging in after creating a new account by following the steps below.

  1. Open the settings window on ibisPaint.
  2. Select "ibisAccount" under the "Account" section and tap on “Sign in with ibisAccount".
  3. Tap on “Don't have an account", fill in each field, and tap on "Create".
  4. Follow the instructions in the email sent to the email address you entered on the account creation screen.
  5. Log in via “Sign in with ibisAccount" in the ibisPaint settings window using the email address you created and the password you set

- If you have logged in before, try logging in using the email address you used the last time you logged in. If you still cannot log in, reset your password via the "Forgot your password?” link on the login screen, and then try logging in again with the new password.

- If the time setting on your device is incorrect, you may fail to log in. Please close the app and then follow the steps below to check if this resolves the issue. NOTE: The steps may vary depending on the model and OS.

  • iOS: Go to Settings app > [General] > [Date & Time] > Turn [Set Automatically] ON
  • Android: Go to Settings app > [System] > [Date & time] > Turn [Set time automatically] ON
  • Windows: Click on the [Start] button > [Settings] > [Time & language] > [Date & time] > Turn [Set time automatically] ON

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