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FAQ - ibisPaint

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(e.g., iPhone XS Max, Google Pixel 6a)

(e.g., iOS 16.1, Android 13)

ibisPaint version The version of ibisPaint is displayed on the title screen immediately after the application is launched.

If you could send a video How to record screen
For iOS/iPadOS devices, click here
For Android devices, click here
For Windows devices, click here
that shows the operation steps where the bug occurs or the artwork file How to output artwork files
(1)Select an artwork in My Gallery.
(2)Tap the Share menu and select ”ibisPaint Artwork (IPV)" to output the artwork file.
(3)Select the artwork file from “Choose file”.
in which we can confirms the abnormality, it would increase the possibility of resolving the issue.
*You can attach files up to 100MB in MOV, MP4, PNG, JPEG, IPV formats.

How to check UUID
(1)Tap the version number string (ver. X.X.X.X) on the app Title screen.
(2)The "Version Information" alert will appear and the app's UUID will be displayed.
(3)Select “Copy UUID” and paste it.

Please fill in if the app crashes.

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Please refer to the 「Policy on the Protection of Personal Information」 for residents in other areas.

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