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How do I use the iPen on the ibisPaint?

The ibisPaint and the ibisPaint X supported the iPen of the Cregle Inc. from ver.2.2.0.
We’re going to explain here how to use the iPen on the ibisPaint.
  1. Tap “+” button in the My Gallery and the canvas screen will appear.
  2. Tap the tool selection button which is the left most in the toolbar in the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the configuration button (it’s a gear icon) in showed tool selection popup and the Configuration window appears.
  4. Only on the iPad: Check whether “Digital Stylus” of the Configuration screen shows “No Selection” or “Not Connected:Cregle iPen”.
  5. Only on the iPad: If it doesn’t show, tap the button and tap “Cregle iPen” button in shown popup.
  6. Connect the Receiver of the iPen to the device.
  7. Tap “Configuration” button in the iPad, or the button of a gear icon in the iPhone/iPod touch.
  8. The calibration window will be shown. Hold the pen of the iPen the same way as time to draw lines.
  9. Adjust the tip of the pen to the crosshair mark precisely and press the tip to the screen.
  10. The crosshair will move if you release the tip after sometime. Press the tip of the pen again in the same way in the position that moved.
  11. The message will be shown if the calibration is successful.
The preparation to use the iPen completed.

Please do followings if you want to disconnect the iPen.
  • Remove the Receiver of the iPen from the device.
  • Tap the “Connected:Cregle iPen” button in “Digital Stylus” of the Configuration window and tap the button except “Cregle iPen” button in shown popup.

The iPen has the palm rejection. This function ignores your hands while you draw with the iPen.
The palm rejection enables while the Receiver detects the pen (The mark of the pen position is shown).
Therefore, please move the iPen to somewhere that the iPen isn’t detected by the Receiver if you zoom in or zoom out or move the canvas.

*”iPen” is the registered trademark of Cregle Inc. in the U.S.A and the registered trademark of FICP Cooperation in the Japan.

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