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Pressure sensitivity doesn’t work.

The possible causes are as follows. If any of the following applies to you, please follow the steps below to see if the problem can be fixed.

  • Some brushes are pressure sensitive and some are not. Please check if the pressure sensitivity works with the “Dip pen (Hard)".

  • If ”Force Fade” in the Stabilizer window is turned on, the pressure sensitivity will not work. Please turn “Force Fade” on.

  • If anything other than "OFF" is selected in the Drawing Tool in the Stabilizer window, the pressure sensitivity will not work. Please select “OFF” in the Drawing Tool.

  • If the pressure adjustment graph in the settings window is in a strange shape, the pressure sensitivity will not work properly. In this case, tap the "Reset" button below the pressure adjustment graph.
    Also, make sure that the stylus you want to use is selected in the Pressure Sensitive Stylus section, and that it is displayed as "Connected" or "Available".

  • If you have installed a touch processing application such as Auto Clicker and enable it in the Accessibility on your Android device, the stylus name will change from the original one to “Digital Stylus” and the pressure sensitivity will not work. In this case, please disable the application in the Accessibility settings.

  • If you are using an iPad and Apple Pencil, the compatible Apple Pencil varies depending on the iPad model. For checking the compatible models, please click here

  • Since iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and later devices are no longer equipped with 3D Touch, the Pressure Sensitive function via the screen is not supported on them. 3D Touch is also not available on iPad devices as well.

Please refer to the following page for the pressure sensitive styluses.
If you are using iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, please click here
If you are using Android device, please click here

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