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I cannot sign in with my X account.

The details and workarounds for this issue are described below, so please check if it applies to your situation.

  • If the error message says "Javascript is not available.”, please confirm if the X account was created using your Google account. We have confirmed this issue with accounts created using Google accounts and are currently investigating the cause. We will release an updated version once the cause is determined and can be fixed.

  • If the error message “Authentication Failed” or "HTTP error 401" is displayed, the ID or password entered is incorrect. Please check if the entered ID and password are correct and if wrong, please re-enter correct ID and password.

  • If the error message says "Failed to retrieve information”, please check if the use of X is restricted by the filtering service provided from carrier.

  • If the time setting on your device is incorrect, you may fail to log in. Please close the app and then follow the steps below to check if this resolves the issue. NOTE: The steps may vary depending on the model and OS.

    iOS: Go to Settings app > [General] > [Date & Time] > Turn [Set Automatically] ON
    Android: Go to Settings app > [System] > [Date & time] > Turn [Set time automatically] ON
    Windows: Click on the [Start] button > [Settings] > [Time & language] > [Date & time] > Turn [Set time automatically] ON

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